Civic Projects
Monroe Fire Station #4 - Monroe, NC

This site includes a 15,300 sf building with 4 bays and a community room. The project had an extreme number of challenges including keeping the existing facility operational, groundwater issues, airport RPZ and future connection to airport for fire protection needs. A proprietary stormwater solution was designed and implemented to meet the stormwater requirements as the fire station was located at the end of the runway and had groundwater issues.

Huntersville Fire Station #4 - Huntersville, NC

This fire station is an 11,800 sf building with 3 bays to better serve the western portion of the town. The project included extending gravity sewer to the property and road widening for a future bicycle lane and for wider truck movements.

New Salem Volunteer Fire Department #4 - New Salem, NC

This project included construction of a new 10,700 sf fire station with 4 bays. The existing fire station remained in operation during construction until the new fire station was completed.

Unionville Volunteer Fire Department #22 - Unionville, NC

The Unionville VFD station is 9,800 sf with 4 bays. The property is located in a water supply watershed, so it was designed as low density as possible. It has stormwater water quality treatment facilities on-site.